Barbara*, 1939-

“Everything on that corner does not block energy, or bounces it back, or something!”

I’ll tell you a secret*, but do not tell anyone about this location, it may disappear my place. The corner of Elm St. and Shaler Lane used to be ordinary, all the other buildings are at a right angle. But one day they started working there, and a brand new corner emerged. Read more »

Material Accomplishments


Christopher, 1986-

“The things I value today are living, listening, learning, helping. Helping but not expecting anything in return.”

What am I most proud in myself? See, that has changed. A year ago I would have said all my material accomplishments. If there wasn’t anything material, it wasn’t important, but that has since changed. Read more »

Coal Miner’s Daughter


Larry, 1957-

“An old song, my best song. . . Coal Miner’s Daughter; remember it?”

Loretta Lynn

Well, I was born a coal miner’s daughter
In a cabin, on a hill in Butcher Holler
We were poor but we had love, Read more »

On a Spiritual Quest


Joshua, 1977-

“I consider myself more a vagabond, on a spiritual quest. A spiritual nomad; I don’t see myself homeless, honesty. Wherever I live is my home.”

It started right after identifying her body. My wife died on Thanksgiving evening, the last sign from her was a receipt for a Tuborg six-pack she bought just outside of Chicago. When she came into Iowa city, Read more »

Important Women in My Life


William, 1963-

“I remember vividly the day I proposed to her. We took a limousine, I got her flowers and champagne; we went to Manhattan, some comedy clubs, and then I took out a ¾ karat engagement ring and asked her to marry me on my knees.”

My mother, without a doubt, was the most important person in my life. She was like me, would do everything for anybody. She loved kids, like me Read more »