Three Strangers


William, 1963-

“She said, ‘I feel energy and I feel angels surrounding you.’”

In the course of one day, I met two strangers, two ladies, who told me essentially the same thing. One lady grabbed my hand, I was upset that day, she told me that I had mental illness, just by grabbing my hand, and she told me I have more than one guardian angel looking out for me. On the same day, I came down here to get a cup of coffee, and on that bench there, he points out, I spoke to another lady. She said, ‘I feel energy and I feel angels surrounding you.’ That was the second person in a day.

They gave me hope, and when I look back at my life, being stubbed and everything else in my past, fights, living on the street in Oakland. . . somebody must be protecting me to make it to 53! There are many kids, younger than me, who unfortunately don’t make it. It’s different times now, you form a fist and they shoot you. Something positive, hopefully, will come out of my life.

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