A Giver More than a Taker


Barbara, 1948-

“It is like God is speaking in you, or a feeling in your stomach.”

If someone really needs money for food, I give it to them. I can tell when it is for food and not drugs. I take one look and know, I am a pro. It’s a feeling inside, you just know your own people. I’ll even give if I am overly blessed with more than I need, and my associates around here made none. We have been all working here for years, we know each other.

Like I said, I am a giver more than a taker. That’s what I do here, give. She points at her small stand with a box of free condoms and an HIV educational leaflet. I gotta make a living, too, but It is important to me, so I’m here to give myself. Voluntarily.

That’s how I’ve been all my life. That’s why I got kicked in my butt, too. I don’t go looking for it, but it is like God is speaking in you, or a feeling in your stomach. ‘You’ve got all this money in your pocket, you’re blessed with it, go give it to so-and-so.’ You know?

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