Christmas Ornaments


The Professor *

‘My sculptures speak for me.’

He rather not talk, maybe another time. The sculptures speak for me, he says; take photos of them. Across the street, one of his sculptures stands, a four feet wire man, holding a bike-shaped rack. His other creations, vanes and small sculptures made of recycled materials, are attached to nearby trees and street signs. The vanes, he explains, are Charismas ornaments. He hopes to have at least one decoration for each tree on the avenue.

He has lived on that street corner of Neilson and Solano in Albany for a year and a half. One day in October 2016, he was no longer there. His boxes remained, as well as the Christmas decorations, but his four feet wire man sculpture was gone. A week passed by, then another. And by early November, his stuff was removed, as well as all of his Christmas decorations.

* The name he goes by.