Deep Spectrum


Joshua, 1977-

“All sorts of people living out on the street. . . there are the poverty stricken, the mentally handicapped, rainbow kids, dirty kids, humbug junkie, Nazi punks, skater punks, gangs, hobos.”

There are all sorts of people living out on the street, it is a deep spectrum. There are people stricken with poverty. Drug addiction is probably the most common cause of sane homeless people. Then you have the insane, without medical support and the family is unable to take care of them. Take this gentleman across the street, he refers to a man standing, screaming to himself at the corner of a building. He is probably mentally handicapped, stopped taking his medication, and he yells at things and other people. But he is a good person, I guarantee you, if you talk to him. Unfortunately, some of them are too far gone, God bless them.

There are hippies who lived in forests or the mountains, in RVs, roaming gypsies; the modern European gypsy. They are more the travelling kind, they move from place to place, maybe three or four places during a year. They may get a job for a while, but they are transient, and don’t spend much time in cities.

There are the Rainbow kids. Those are a continuation of the hippie culture from the 60’s. Have you heard of the Rainbow Gathering? They meet at different places since the 70’s. There is an old Indian Hopi myth that there is going to be a tribe of rainbow children, a tribe of all races, of all ages and sexes, that is going to carry society through a dark period.

Then there are dirty kids. Often ran away from home, they are train hoppers, some of them drink or smoke pot, but they are against hard drugs. In some respects, they are like the rainbow kids, all races, all sexes, they take care of each other, like brotherhood. They are the one who are super-dirty, wearing dark and patched clothes. They are nonconformists, anarchists. They are not punks, though.

There are gangs, Nazi punks, skater punks. The skater punks have some hippie in them, rappers, and country kids in them. There are the junkie humbugs, young kids, kicked out of their parents’ house, or had an apartment and job and lost it, they use drugs and will do everything they can to get their next fix (stealing, shoplifting).

There are hobos, they work. They may have a house somewhere, or a buddy has a house somewhere, and they ride trains. They are not so much homeless because they have access to houses, but they will sleep anywhere, usually through transit. And a lot of them are homeless, they live around railroad tracks and train yards.

There are the travelling heads, like me, a spiritual nomad. I am here on a spiritual quest because I feel that God told me, though the bible. Others are trying to find themselves or get centered. Some of them will not even touch alcohol or smoke cigarettes, they had a little money and they are on a trip.

You can break it down into crazies, drugies, and spirituals. Those are your three basic groups, and from there it breaks down further in many ways. Deep spectrum, as I said.

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