Enjoys, Regrets, and a Thought


Tona, 1992-

“Regrets most: allowing others to rule my reality.”

Enjoys. Making a connection with awesome people. People who show me something I might have not looked at.

Ideal Job. Getting an associate degree in early childhood development and working with children. Or working with plants, an organic farm; I like physical work, too.

Regrets. Allowing others to rule my reality. I have learned not to let other people convince me that they know what is right for me. Take the detour to Michigan, I relied on someone else’s ideas (‘We’ll do this and this and this, and it will all work out’), changing my whole course in life.

A Thought. We all have different realities that we’re going through, and we all deal with them in different ways. Nobody can tell someone else what’s good for them.

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