My Grandchildren


Barbara*, 1939-

“They sit around and talk about their grandchildren; I talk about animals.”

We have an animal lovers group that I attend. Generally, they sit around and talk about their grandchildren; I talk about animals. Cats are one thing, dogs are another, and I like them all. Growing up, I had dogs and cats, but my mom would cart them off to the pound; that’s just the way it was. And we had chickens in the backyard for consumption, that was the kind of old-fashioned life that I had. I knew a woman who considers herself mortally wounded over having observed a chicken’s head being cut off, but you know, it didn’t harm the rest of us.

I feed pigeons when I can, and never kill insects just because they are there, I pick them up. If pigeons got themselves stranded on a sidewalk, I’ll move them, and you can see their smile as they fly away, she laughs. Speaking of birds, I saw a bird fall off a curb one time. He wasn’t paying attention, he goofed up, which was kind of funny, she smiles. They make their own mistakes, too!

Would I want to own a pet? Oh, I am getting old, you don’t want to have a pet killed because you are no longer there to take care of them. And besides, the street is no place to raise an animal.

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[* She asked to use a pseudonym, without photos]