Shea Stadium


William, 1963-

“I always had a love for baseball. . . It was a big deal for me as a kid.”

My father used to take me every now and then to watch baseball games at the Shea Stadium back east. He wasn’t a fan, but his employer arranged buses to the games. One of the best childhood memories I have. I started going with him at a young age, then went with my friends as I got older.

I always had a love for baseball. You just go in there, something about the crowd and the atmosphere. The hotdog, being with your friends. And watching the game, the crack of the bat, seeing the Mets play. It’s pretty much the only family you knew back then. It was a big deal for me as a kid.

Nowadays, I watch it on TV, sometimes right here, referring to the café we sit in. Watching ballgames is the little bit of normality that I have.

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